Sunday Night Sleeplessness

Posted by on June 11, 2012

Below is a post I wrote last night after having taken a sleeping pill. I’ve been known to be a bit loopy after I take one but I have never actually witnessed it. Since I don’t drink alcohol, I can only assume that this is about as close to what I would be like if I were to drink.

People who have seen me write know that I am usually very meticulous on spelling and grammar so to read this back to myself I can actually see the effects of sleep drugs on my writing skills. I swear that this is not made up and is the exact text I found in my “Drafts” folder this morning.

Read on to see how it affected me.

As I type this into my computer, the clock reads 12:00AM so that technical means that it’s not Sunday anymore and is actually Monday. Oh well, at this hour I should be glad I can even type. Truth is, I can’t sleep so I popped a Zopiclone and am waiting for it to kick in so I can get a good night’s sleep. It’s a prescription sleep medication and it does have odd side affects on my so it’s very possible that the end of this blog posting my not make much sense what so ever. Do they ever?

I’m on a bit of a Felicia Day kick lately. Saw her first on the Dr Horrible Sing A Long blog that Hosford introduced me to way back and have heard her name mentioned many times since then. When I started watching Eureka and she came on again I remembered her from before. Seems kid of oddballish to me which I suppose is her appeal to geeks such as myself. Turns out she’s one of the few who has actually been working somewhat on internet video stuff and almost making a living at it. I find this incredibly interesting because I enjoy seeing how the media world right now is in the midst of a transformation. TV has always been a big hobby of mine so seeing it transformed into something online only is definitely interesting to me. I’d be curious to see if the one actual TV show idea I have would work as a Youtube type video. You didn’t know I write stuff like that?

Ya, it turns out that along with writing mediocre books about the meaning of life, our origins, and how are actions are dictated, I actually have come up with several ideas for different moves and TV shows. One of them in a blatant rip off off my own staggered attempts at romance and what it finally took to find the right person. Story’s been done 10000s of times but I think I have a unique perception of how us geeks out there are interpreted by the women we pursue.

Yup. I am already starting to fight the effects of the Z drug as my spelling is getting hard and I find it harder to read the screen.

My other TV show and may movie thing is ore about a guy who can answer the question of anyone he mettes. Thet asking him a simply questiuon, and until they finish asking the wquyestuoin, is mine knows the asnwweer. And an not a small one, but a detail one. Any question ever conceived can be answered byt this individual. However, questions he asks himself, he has no clue about. Nothing. No rush of knowedge or interest just a black screen in his head. He’s stuck in a vurtuyal prizon that cannot answer the question of whjy he can’t answer his own question. Everything in his head is pure balack when he can’t absnwer

He can tell a man he;s going to die in one hour without even blinking an eye. He can tell a woman her husband is in his offie sleeping with his secretary right now and if she gets their and interruprs her, her friend won’t get pregnant.

Then one day, a man comes in and asks a quesiotn abnout what guy and he looks at him, and his head is pitchblack. Doesn’t recognize the man but knows he must know something about his gift cuz no else has ever been able to do that. Game is on…

So since the odds of me ever getting anything written, I throw these ideas out there. These ideas ARE mine so if I turn around and see that movies and show have been made that look exactly like mine, expect to be sued.

The one movie I spent time thinking about is actually in some ways a combination of The Abyss. and Star Trek First Contact.

So at the end of the Star Trek movie, Picard orders an evacuation ship and people are jumping ship left and right. They were told to go to Gravet island (I think) where they would live out a life out of north america s way. The plan would be for them to come to earth  even though they are supposed to stay clear of letting others know of their knowledge of the future.

So what not make that talksw aboutthat. An race of humans who crass here, find a setllement and live a normal life and growa nd expend and justenjoytthemselves.

Makes sense until some new oceanogilist discovers a partially in tackjed ship they intend toi putt up, When they get the part ups, they find a ship’s manefest and it says the cruw is foeme eqartht bnut thee’sd way this cruew could have this kid iof technicoolgy =until many year frinm now. Noi trace of this peoplea re anyway so the searhc begins.

Where are they.

Turnts out one of the screens they get o=workin of thre ship has a set of coordinates on it that go out into the ocean. No charts or maps can see it, but our explorers interest doesn’t waiver. He wants to go. So what does it?

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