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Posted by on March 13, 2017

Sometime quite awhile ago, Tamara bought me the book The Secret. I ended up buying the movie on iTunes and watching it. It really came across as being somewhat “new age”-ish but at the same time, it also fell in line with a few things I had been thinking about already.

Sitting in a hotel room tonite, I finished another episode of Bones (I’m on a re-watch lately before the series finale) and decided to watch the movie again. I had tried some of the techniques described in this movie and surprisingly enough, they actually did work. Now whether that’s the work of the LOA or not, who’s to say. But it doesn’t really hurt.

LOA refers to the Law of Attraction which is what the “secret” is. One of the things they tell you to do is to make a list of the things you want, and then envision them to yourself, and experience the emotion of having them already. This sends out signals to the universe that then draws those things to you in some way.

Ya, it does sound kind of weird, but the idea of positive thought producing positive results is not some new age thing. Positivity has proven itself to be a powerful tool for helping oneself so even if the “magic” of things being brought to you by thought isn’t really real, it can’t hurt to think positively.

I’m going to make my list, try some positive thinking, and see what starts to happen.

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