I’m on vacation

Posted by on June 15, 2017

I took a few days of vacation prior to my actually “work” I had in Orlando. After my work week there, I came home to a full week off work where right now, I am doing as little as I can.

As an added bonus, the wife has been gone all week and the kids are in school so I have had the house to myself. Not that I don’t love them or anything, but it is nice to have the whole house to myself for periods of time. 

I haven’t accomplished a whole lot this week but that was sort of the point. I didn’t want to have to do much as it’s been a weird year for me and I needed the time to be able to just kick back, and not worry about much of anything. Aside from a few dishes and a bit of laundry, I’ve done almost nothing all week. How nice is that?

I’ve been on a re-watch of Agents of Shield the last few months and last night I finished season 4 which brings me up to the latest. After watching this, I find myself yet again in a strange position inside my head. 

Ever wish your life was a bit more like something you watch on TV or in the movies? I find myself all to often wishing my life was a bit bigger than it already is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite content with the life I have. It just seems like sometimes I wish my life was a bit more exciting or a bit more over the top than others. 

But then I’ll sit back and realize that for many others looking at what I do, it might seem like my life is a bit over the top. Within the span of a month or so, I was in India and then Orlando and now home doing nothing. That’s a hell of a lot of travel for most people. Whereas now, for me it feels like more of the same.

I also got mentioned in a blog article about blogs in our area. Pickle Planet Moncton mentioned Bob’s Room and I found it kind of entertaining. Given that I don’t post on here anywhere near as much as I did at one time, I forget how long this place has been around.


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