Crooked Creek

I did say that over the course of the weekend, I had some more adventures on top of the proposal so this time, I?ll tell you about them.

We went back to the underground lake with Tamara?s friend Tammy and her husband Joe. This time though, we did some major exploring and got some wicked pictures. Plus, we also climbed WAY up and did a bit of exploring. A lot of fun.

But the real interesting thing came when we went to Crooked Creek. Now, there?s a lookout point you can see but if you take this side trail, and take about a 25 minute walk through the woods (trails, stones, etc) you come to a very nice waterfall. So we explored that, took some pictures, and it was all good. People were swimming down in the water and apparently parts are close to 30 feet deep. One guy dove off the cliffs. So me, I decided I was going to do some jumping of my own. First off, I had no swim trunks or anything so with all my clothes, minus the shoes, I jumped off the cliff into the water. Man what a rush but the water was very nice.

The interesting part came after. Tamara had to cross the water to come back and she still had my shoes. Having fallen over into the water herself, she tosses one of the shoes to me and of course it falls short, and we all stood and watch the water carry it away. Joe and this other guy who was there tried to catch it but the current carried it away too fast. So, knowing that one shoe was useless, I tossed the remaining one away as well. I enjoyed walking back through the woods without any footwear. Fun stuff. PLUS, I was totally wet, so I had taken my shirt off and packed it, and took my pants off and tied them to my waist. So here I am, in the middle of the woods with no clothes on but my underwear, wandering around. Man, it was a funny sight.

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