Seagulls is Finished

Tonite at 10:57am EST, while sitting in bed in London, ON, Canada, I put the final touches on my second draft of my travel book. Since March of 2016, I have been slowly picking away at writing a book about my travel experiences. From road trips in my younger years, to big vacations with family … Continue reading »

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The Perils of Frequent Travel

As someone who has been travelling a lot over the course of the last decade or so, and to a lesser extent, my whole life, I have found that there are many things that frequent travelers experience differently than those who go on the odd vacation from time to time. This is the story of … Continue reading »

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The Toronto Story

It’s been an interesting week here in Houston because the wifi in the hotel really blows so I have been having to fill my time with other things to do. I’ve been working on a series of stories about some of my travel and spent the last two days finally finishing the revisions on a … Continue reading »

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Getting the book bug

So as some of you may know, I wrote a couple of books last year. Specifically, I wrote Gut Theory and the VAJ book. The VAJ book was really nothing more than me putting together all the old VAJ articles but Gut Theory was definitely an original work. I’ve been pondering trying to get it … Continue reading »

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February 2010 Bobcast

It’s been awhile folks but here we are with another Bobcast; the first of 2010. Bobcast includes geocaching stuff, travel, work, LOST, blood, poop, and a bit more. Check it out here. February 2010 Bobcast Music credits go to Faith No More, Metallica, and Larry Leblanc.

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Pre-order an autographed copy of Gut Theory today!

Well folks, I did my first bulk order of books this morning so they will be on their way to me within a week or so. Those of you who would like to purchase a copy of the book directly from me are asked to visit the Facebook Fan Page of Gut Theory and post … Continue reading »

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"Gut Theory" by Matthew Klem – Now available!

My first book is now officially available for the general public. Below are the details. The official “press release” can be viewed here. The book can now be purchased online through at this link. The book is $19.95 plus shipping from If you wish to purchase a copy directly from me, please send … Continue reading »

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My second book is in progress already

So I’ve already mentioned the fact that my first book is almost finished (just waiting for the proof copy to arrive before I “release” it to the public), but what I failed to also add is that my second book is in progress as well. Admittedly though, the second book is much easier to put … Continue reading »

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Coming along nicely

Tonite Tamara has an appointment for work so I took some time to finish off some stuff on my book. Truth is, I was sure I was done with all of the text for the inside, but on the way home from work today I had a few ideas that I wanted to express and … Continue reading »

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Gut Theory – More details

Yesterday I released the news that I am publishing my first book this year. Well, this morning I figured I’d put out a few more details of what has transpired thus far and give you some details about the actual book itself. Basically the book is done. I’ve written all of the pages and more … Continue reading »

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