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Friends & Family

Friends & Family

Unanswered Questions: Farewell To My dad

On May 27th of last year, I learned that my dad, my birth dad and the dad I spent my early years with, passed away. It was a call I had been waiting for for a very long time. I did a long post about how it hit me at the time, but right now, … Continue reading »

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January 30th, 2011

Since the end of the month is nearing, I thought I would share some events that transpired a few weeks ago. In fact, it happened a day or so before New Years. My dad, or at least the remains of him, had been bundled into a very large box, along with his guitar, some photos … Continue reading »

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A trip out west, and back in time

On November 29th, 2010, I boarded Air Canada flight 8931 and began the long journey that would end only two days later. However, what happened during that brief stay in Hollywood, California would remind me of a great many things, including how lucky I really am. Anyone who has known me any length of time … Continue reading »

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Wedding proposal re-post

I’m in the middle of my regular morning news read and I come across this article on Gizmodo. Now, the main video itself was neat but also kinda lame at the same time. What I found more entertaining was this video in the comments which was a way better proposal I think anyway. Regardless, when … Continue reading »

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My struggle with being a dad

When you read that headline, it might seem that I either don’t like it or I am having a really hard time but that in fact is not the case at all. It’s actually something else entirely. I don’t know what most people think, but for me, I have always considered myself to be somewhat … Continue reading »

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My long lost sister finally found

On August 5th, 2005, I posted about the fact that I had found out about a brother I never knew I had. It was a big surprise but at the time it was an even bigger surprise because it turned out I knew him and had worked with him for almost five years. Today, another … Continue reading »

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It was a bad day today

I took some days off this week to try and get my head straight around this whole dad thing. It has not been easy as I am fighting a lot of different kinds of emotion with it right now. On top of that, some money woes have been bothering me for some time, and the … Continue reading »

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R.I.P. Brian Klem

At 10:30pm last night, I received a phone call that I have been expecting for a very long time. My dad’s fiance called me to tell me that he had passed away during the night. It was a surprise to hear but I was at least glad she called to tell me. My dad is … Continue reading »

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Cottage woes are starting again…

Well folks, it seems that this year is starting to look a lot like last year and let me tell you, I’m not overly happy about it. It all started so good. We found out that our troublesome neighbors got their own well which meant that we would not have to deal with them anymore. … Continue reading »

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My trip to pick up "Bernie"

About a week or so ago I asked Tamara if she would like to take Easter Monday and go out caching with me down in Riverside-Albert. She enjoys caching but has not had a chance to go out with me much in the last year or so and there was a specific cache that I … Continue reading »

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