Dear Wil & Felicia

In just over a week, I’ll be in LA delivering a class. As luck would have it, while I am there, Felicia Day (FD) is doing a book signing and speaking engagement with her good friend Wil Wheaton. As soon as I realized it was happening the week I was in LA, I bought tickets … Continue reading »

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My Big Bang Theory Taping Experience

On March 1st, 2016, I had the opportunity to sit and watch a taping of the CBS television program The Big Bang Theory. It’s my favourite show on TV right now and so getting the chance to see it taped live was a real dream come true. Here I recount the tale of how it … Continue reading »

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My Bilingualism Comment From Facebook

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook about how she wasn’t going to enroll her kids in French immersion as she felt it was a bad idea for her kids. It led to a long thread of comments debating the value of French here in NB. For me, I agreed completely with her take … Continue reading »

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Suicide Is Not About Everyone Else

There’s an article floating around Facebook right now about suicide. “10 Things You Should Know Before You Kill Yourself”. Read it here. In fact, I read it twice and both times, it made me angry. I see lots of people floating the article around and talking about how it’s such a good article because it … Continue reading »

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2016: A Year of Change?

I put a question mark at the end of that title because it really is a question for me. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. I also have a tendency to think the whole “new year” thing is a bit overrated. People always make ridiculous claims about how they are going to change their … Continue reading »

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It’s been too long

I haven’t written anything on here in almost a year. It’s amazing how fast time goes. I should be writing more about my kids but I find it’s better for me to spend time with them than write about them. Megan. My little girl. She turned 3 just a few months ago and she’s definitely … Continue reading »

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Hard work always pays off, eventually

I can’t say for certain, but I am pretty sure it was March 13th, 2000. It might have been the week before but it was 12 years ago. It’s kind of hard to remember that far back. I had spent a week getting materials ready and had never done this sort of thing before. I … Continue reading »

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My how time is passing

The kids are in bed and so is Tamara since she’s feeling a bit under the weather. Before I left the bedroom, I told her I was coming out to my office to do some writing as I have been wanting to do that for awhile now. Finally have a few minutes to do just … Continue reading »

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Writing helps

This is a definite record. I’m sure it’s been years since I have had 3 posts in under a week. It’s been a rough week but today feels good. I got up this morning with the kids and have been in a pretty good mood. Tamara is gone for the weekend so it’s just me … Continue reading »

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The road less travelled (because I've had no car)

I haven’t posted here in over a month. Man, it really is something that I have gotten away from. Oh well. I’ve got a few tales to tell today and I have a few minutes to spare so I’m doing a bit of writing. My car…Oh what a wonderful piece of crap it really is. … Continue reading »

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