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New Canadian Copyright Law Explained

Over the last week or so, I have seen a lot of posts on Facebook about people worrying about the new copyright law that came into effect here in Canada. I have also been seeing a lot of people freaking out about it and thought I would explain it in my own words. Let’s compare … Continue reading »

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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

For awhile on Facebook there was this thing going around where people were putting X number of previously unknown things about themselves. I thought a little about this and figured I would do the same. Be prepared, some of these may surprise you if you know me at all. I have been fired from three … Continue reading »

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Helicopter Parenting on Sleepovers

This morning I was reading Facebook and saw an article on why you shouldn’t allow your kids to go on sleepovers. Here’s the story. The general idea is that if you let your kids go on sleepovers, they will be molested. You can’t trust anyone because molestation happens all the time and that if you … Continue reading »

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The Amazing Race Canada: Matt Edition

Tonite I’m on a bit of a high. I’m going to take a page out of a completely different book and spend a little time being a bit “braggy”. I’m not an egocentric person and I don’t brag about much, but right now, I am feeling pretty damn good about myself. So be prepared for … Continue reading »

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The Degrading Perks of Business Travel

If you know me at all, you know I’m not the type to brag or show off or talk about being better than others. It just isn’t who I am. But today, I’m giving myself a bit of permission to be a bit of an ass. Here’s my story. Flashback to about 6-7 years ago … Continue reading »

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Why I Refuse To Participate In Movember

It’s November 6th and the Movember has begun. People all over the office, the city, and likely the world, are taking the month of November to raise awareness regarding prostate cancer. For guys who participate, they are encouraged to grow a mustache/beard/facial hair during the month and collect donations to the Movember charity. It’s going … Continue reading »

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Enough with the bilingualism signage BS

I read an article this morning about how apparently some French people are upset at the new Starbucks because their menu is almost entirely in English. You can find the original article here. The article goes on to say that the Green party is suggesting the government should step in and force bilingual signage in … Continue reading »

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Enough With The Autism Propoganda

There’s an article currently circulating across Facebook regarding how a court has “confirmed” that vaccinations cause Autism. I’ve seen several people post it and assume everything they are reading is true. Honestly, I read it and it pisses me off to no end. Andrew Wakefield is the guy at the center of all this. He … Continue reading »

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Road Warrior Blues

It’s 7:23 on a Thursday night and right now I feel like the worst father in the world. The photo above was taken on Dylan’s last day of kindergarten and guess where I was? On the road, again. Not only was on the road, but on the road for the third week in a row. … Continue reading »

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Confessions of a Business Traveler

I’m sitting here in a little hotel about a five minute walk from the Tower of London in London, England. I went out for a walk earlier and found myself a bit depressed as I wasn’t even sure where to go. This is the fifth time I have been to London in a year and … Continue reading »

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