I’m on vacation

I took a few days of vacation prior to my actually “work” I had in Orlando. After my work week there, I came home to a full week off work where right now, I am doing as little as I can. As an added bonus, the wife has been gone all week and the kids … Continue reading »

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My Big Bang Theory Taping Experience

On March 1st, 2016, I had the opportunity to sit and watch a taping of the CBS television program The Big Bang Theory. It’s my favourite show on TV right now and so getting the chance to see it taped live was a real dream come true. Here I recount the tale of how it … Continue reading »

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The Amazing Race Canada: Matt Edition

Tonite I’m on a bit of a high. I’m going to take a page out of a completely different book and spend a little time being a bit “braggy”. I’m not an egocentric person and I don’t brag about much, but right now, I am feeling pretty damn good about myself. So be prepared for … Continue reading »

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An open letter to Damon & Carlton

I know the odds of them ever actually reading this are slim to none, but I decided that I wanted to send out my own personal message to the former showrunners for the show LOST. My intention is to send them a tweet with this post and hope that they get the chance to read … Continue reading »

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A trip out west, and back in time

On November 29th, 2010, I boarded Air Canada flight 8931 and began the long journey that would end only two days later. However, what happened during that brief stay in Hollywood, California would remind me of a great many things, including how lucky I really am. Anyone who has known me any length of time … Continue reading »

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The end of LOST

The End. That was the actual episode name for the very final episode of the infamous television show LOST. An era finally came to a close. In the paragraphs that follow, I’m going to give my own reflection on what the final episode was really about, and why I thought it was indeed the perfect … Continue reading »

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Dr. Linus – LOST episode 6×07 review/recap

I’m not normally one who does recaps/reviews of episodes of TV, but last night I sat in my office and watched the seventh episode of LOST for this season and I gotta tell you, it was awesome. Not for the huge mythological answers that came because there weren’t many. Not for the huge action scenes … Continue reading »

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A theory on LOST

For folks who don’t watch or could care less about the show LOST, skip this post as it will have little meaning to you. Spoiler alert for Season 5 and part of Season 6.

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It's 1:13 and I'm awake?

I decided that I wanted to watch some Stargate while I worked on some stuff for my Race for Cache event coming up in August. Well, that didn’t exactly work out the best as having Stargate on in the background was more distracting that anything. So, I turned it off and finished what I needed … Continue reading »

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You know, sometimes it’s hard coming up with a decent headline… Alrighty, so what is new one might ask? Well, I’ve got a whole pile of things to report on so let’s get to it. Let’s start with the house renovations. The offices are nearing completion. The walls are painted, the floors are installed, the … Continue reading »

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