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Are my days in geocaching numbered?

Back in the mid-1990’s, before the internet really exploded and the web became what it is today, I spent a lot of time on IRC. Internet Relay Chat. This was long before Facebook, and IM, and a lot of other modern day mechanisms for connecting with other people via the internet. Me and a couple … Continue reading »

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The Amazing Race Canada: Matt Edition

Tonite I’m on a bit of a high. I’m going to take a page out of a completely different book and spend a little time being a bit “braggy”. I’m not an egocentric person and I don’t brag about much, but right now, I am feeling pretty damn good about myself. So be prepared for … Continue reading »

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It’s 1:29AM and I am awake. I’m awake because a couple of days ago I was in Los Angeles and fully adjusted to Pacific time. That’s four hours behind Moncton time which means in about 2.5 hours, I’ll be ready to fall asleep. Despite being home since Friday at noon, I still feel myself unable … Continue reading »

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My Displeasure With The UK Health Clinics

It’s Friday and in a few hours I start my journey home from Philly. I only had about 18 hours of being home last weekend after being in the UK for a week. To top it off, I was awful sick that week so it made for a horrible trip. However, the worst was a … Continue reading »

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The Decline of Microsoft

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile ¬†but I only decided to sit down and write about it now since I’ve kind of need a break from my work writing. This time around I want to take a little jab at a company that used to make a difference in the tech world: Microsoft. Back … Continue reading »

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Violent Media Is Not The Problem

This morning I read yet another ridiculous article about how folks are still trying to blame violent videogames and other media for the recent shootings in¬†Connecticut. This time it’s a group near Newtown that wants people to bring in their violent videogames in exchange for money. The plan is to burn all of the media … Continue reading »

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Teaching my kids about technology

A few months ago, my wife told me a story about my son Dylan that concerned me a bit. Turns out he had been at a friends house and his friend, who is the same age as him, was quite skilled at using a mouse on a computer. Dylan was however not as skilled. He … Continue reading »

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I’ve been blogging for more than 11 years?

According to what I could find, this was the earliest “blog” entry I could find for Bobsroom. It looks like some of the entries between there and here never made it into the current database I use for all of my blog entries. Still though, it’s a bit insane to think of the fact that … Continue reading »

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So long Coke. It’s been a blast.

On October 29th, I started what would become a pretty brutal week. It would become brutal because I was consciously deciding to stop being a Cokehead. I have been drinking pop since I was young. In fact, I don’t ever recall a time in my life where I didn’t drink pop. Coke has been my … Continue reading »

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yo yo ma

What the hell is the matter with you? Do you like it in the ass? I don’t. It gives me a rash. No, not THAT kind of in the ass. Frig sakes. They’re nothing but a bunch of hoores. They love it tho. Ever since they went to that strip club and saw that redhead … Continue reading »

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