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At one time, I had an entire long story of where I came from, and how I came to be where I am today. I decided that since a lot of what was there is sort of old news, and contained some rather useless information, I thought it was about time I updated this section.

So, who am I? My name is Matthew Klem, and I live in Riverview, NB. Riverview is part of a tri-community of people in Greater Moncton New Brunswick. I’ve lived in Moncton for most of my life so I call it home.

I was originally born in Edmonton, Alberta back in December of 1973. I moved out to Moncton when I was still a kid, and have lived here more or less my whole life since. I lived in Saint John for a year while I went to school, and I also lived in Poughkeepsie, NY (puh-kip-see) for a year while I worked down there.

I’m currently married to my wonderful wife Tamara Klem who I have known for almost 20 years, but we only got together back in 2003. We recently had our first child, Dylan, who as of this writing is 9 months old. He’s got his own blog which keeps our friends and family up to date with all things Dylan.

I’m a self-professed  geek and am quite happy to be. I’m into computers and IT, and have been working in that field for awhile now. Worked at IBM as a programmer, Norampac as a computer pathologist (the computers there were always dying), a couple of local colleges as an instructor, and even worked for the government a few times on small projects.

Now I work full time as a Senior Technical Training Consultant for Thomson Reuters. I spend most of my time delivering classes either remotely or onsite for folks working in the legal industry. If you want specifics, look up XSLT & WordML. That’s what I spend a lot of time talking about these days.

I’m really into Geocaching which has me wondering around into some pretty weird places. It’s a lot of fun and gets you outside and keeps the blood pumping.

I’m generally a pretty happy person, although I have my moments. I’d also say I’m very philosophical in some of my beliefs and some people might think I’m crazy but I tend to see meaning in things that others see as just meaningless.

The purpose of the blog is to keep in touch with my friends and family via the web, and it gives me a corner of the internet where I can bitch and complain about the things that piss me off as well. I’ve got lots here and I have been running this blog in one form or another for almost 10 years so I’ve compiled a lot of material. Some of it is here, some of it is hidden, and some of it is just plain useless. Hopefully you find the good stuff.

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  1. tom moulton


    Do you still have the PostNuke conversion script you used so many years ago?

    The link I found for it was:

    I had found another but your site is interesting so I figured I’d ask you too…

    Seems only have scripts for WP 2.5 (or so), how well does WP do upgrades?
    Will I likely have to upgrade one version at a time or load 2.5 and then jump to 3.8
    or whatever?

    Yes I know you are not WP support, just asking… like we were hanging around the
    water cooler or beer keg…


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