Gut Theory

Gut Theory was/is my very first book. It started off really as just me wanting to sit down and write out all of the different things I was thinking about with regards to what “drives” people to do the things they do.

I have always had my own belief in”God” but I was never able to fully accept the countless variations of the bible, it’s teachings, and so forth. It never made much sense to me why there are so many versions of a single religion and how anyone could know which one is the “right” one.

When I was done writing out all of my thoughts and feelings on the subject, I realized that there was a lot of material there. I did a little research and in no time realized that I could easily publish it as a book. Gut Theory was born.

The core message within the book is that human beings are driven by instinct and that it is actually our free will that interferes with our ultimate purpose. That “gut feeling” you have is something that you should follow at all times, and that if you do follow your “gut”, it will never lead you astray. There are times when it’s hard to do what you know you should, but that does not negate the importance of it.

Gut Theory explores the idea of how your instinct can and should drive your behavior and why this is the single most natural part of the human condition.

I also talk about my own thoughts on how this same theory applies to the origin of man, existing religion, the afterlife, and many other spiritual concepts all centered around this general “gut theory”.

I had a full on website for Gut Theory at one time but have since decided to simply leave it as this page of info. If you are interested in purchasing a printed copy, please contact me via email.

Gut Theory can be purchased via the iBookstore and Kindle.

Or if you would rather just snag the PDF, here it is.

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