Before I made a major overhaul to this site, I used to have a page which contained all of the lyrics for the songs that I wrote while in Rounded Edges. Recently, I went looking for this page but came up empty, so I thought I’d do it again, and make sure it didn’t go missing this time.

The songs I wrote and sang while in Rounded Edges were about a lot of different things. What I’ll do here is write out the lyrics of the songs I wrote or co-wrote, and then give you a blurb about what the meaning of the song is.

Hanging Above

Things start simple and they change so fast
Days bare no resemblance to their last
War hate love and peace is something we all know
With this in mind where the hell do we go

Life’s like a race that you can never win
Love reaches it’s peak to where there’s no sin
Climbing a mountain or swimming a sea
Emotional satisfaction is something you can never achieve

Trapped in a room where there are no walls
Trying again and again to avoid a great fall
Taking a chance but the walls reappear
And the sight of the loss is one that I’d feared

The walls remains as I sit here and wait
If the walls become stone my love becomes hate
The pain and anger inside that I feel
The demons inside are what I am here to conceal

There’s no one around to share the pain
Pity in itself has nothing to gain
After being gone for such a long time
Everything seems to change, except what’s in mind

So I sit here and wait for time to run out
With that in mind, there is no doubt
That the sands of time, are slowing passing by
With each grain of sand I feel even more alive

The song Hanging Above is a song about love or the fear of love. It’s a song about someone who is afraid to love or afraid to try and become serious with someone. The line, “trapped in a room where there are no walls, trying again and again, to avoid a great fall” refers to those invisible walls we put up around ourselves when we don’t want to get hurt. These go up when we are in relationships and don’t want to get too close to someone in fear that they will betray or hurt us. That whole part of the song is about me waiting to see if someone will allow me to be in their life but those “walls” go up for good and I end up hurt in the process. The term “Hanging Above” stems from feeling like the chance at being happy and in love is just hanging above your head, like it’s dangling. It also refers to being teased about it. Someone hanging the chance for love in front of you or above you then yanking it away.

My Thoughts Invade Me

Why the hell am I sitting at home wondering why the sky is not falling
Dream a little dream until dreams are no more
Why the hell do my thoughts invade me?

This song was literally written in minutes. There is no real meaning behind it. We were jamming and just letting music come out of anywhere and the music flowed right out of Jason & J.C. and I just starting yapping and yelling and making stuff up off the top of my head and those three lines really stuck out. A song was born.

Reign Of Lies

Righteousness be known
As he sits on his thrown
With a consoling crown
He will strike you down

Not knowing about on whom he strikes
His thoughts and voice have a struggle to fight

The end left alone with nothing to care
His veins will scream in pain for which he cannot bare


King of his castle
No riches to own
A woven cloak
Nowhere to roam
A reign of lies
To be overthrown
A reign of lies
Tto be overthrown

All knowingness filled with fear
Whispered lies, into your ear
Wretched plans of now
He lacks the goings of how

A street of deception which he cannot find
A loss of eagerness to use his mind

Buried in lies, he drowns in the truth
A hunger for more makes him lose his youth


Reign of Lies was written in a sort of metaphorical fashion. The “king” is this song refers to someone that I know that fed a lot of people a lot of lies. Constantly lying about who they were, what they had done, things they owned, etc. The story that goes in this song is that the person telling all of these lies and sitting up proud, egotistical, etc, loses everything in their life because of all of the deception. It uses the analogy of a king losing his reign of his kingdom.

Sue’s Cunt

Sue’s cunt, it’s big
Sue’s cunt, smells like a pig
Sue’s cunt, it’s a joke
Sue’s cunt, it’s broke


Oh Sue, I want to fuck you
Oh Sue, I want you
Oh Sue, I want to fuck you0
Oh Sue, I hate you!

Sue’s cunt, it’s got teeth
Sue’s cunt, smells like beef
Sue’s cunt, it talks back
Sue’s cunt, it looks like a rat


Sue’s cunt, it’s got scum
Sue’s cunt, it’s on the run
Sue’s cunt, looks like hell
Sue’s cunt, you fucking smell!

Ahhhhh. Good ole Sue. Sue was originally inspired by the tales from Sandy LeClair about Sue Wheeler. We heard a whole lot of stories or tales of this woman that I had never met. However, this song quickly turned and became about Cheez’s ex-girlfriend Sue. Although this song was never played live, it was a lot of fun to sing. The lyrics speak for themselves. No explanation is really needed.

Backseat Driving

Sitting in the back of a Mercedes Benz.
Trying to screw my woman’s friends
Rolling down the window asked this broad to come in
She jumped in the car, and we started to sin

She said that I was made of grade A beef
She let me rip off her clothes with my teeth
Her breasts were like the cushions on my bed (Jumping around we had a great time)
She got extremely horny and gave me head (Too bad the cops pulled up and gave us a fine)

Up and down so violently
She said my dick was the size of her knee (She said she was in ecstacy)
Sweat was dripping off my pubic hair (Sweat was dripping off my forehead)
Never had this much fun since I fucked in mid-air. (Too bad the backseat don’t pull out into a bed)

(The car started to roll down the hill)
(Was hoping like hell this girl was on the pill)
(The car was picking up a load of speed)
(Why did this have to happen to me)

(After awhile we finally came to a stop)
(We were so tired we thought we were going to drop)
(She started to scream and pound on the floor)
(It didn’t take long before we started for more)

I was happy as I could be
This was the first time I got laid for free
The car was in a constant shake
This was more fun than when I masturbate (It felt like the middle of an earthquake)

This was more fun than when I masturbate! (It felt like the middle of an earthquake, YEAH!)

There were two versions of Backseat Driving. The song was originally written by both me and Cheez after I had started playing my MDP guitar by just plucking one string and banging the guitar with my hand. Cheez wrote the bulk of the original lyrics with a few lines dropped in here and there by me. The story is pretty straight forward. A guy getting laid in the backseat of his car. The lyrics written in brackets () represent either additions or alterations of the song that I made after we put the song to electric guitar. The original version had some raunchy stuff that, at the time, I didn’t want to sing to a live audience so I changed them. I also added a few verses since the song ran way too short when played with an electric guitar. Ideally, I think the song sounds best with the original lyrics, with the extra verses added.

There are other songs that I wrote that I have since misplaced the lyrics for. I do have them recorded on a few jam tapes somewhere but finding those would be a task and a half. The two most notable songs that I remember that are not listed here are Try, and Change Of Season.

Change of Season was my first attempt at really writing something totally different. Jason & J.C. had come up with some really cool riffs and drum sounds so we wanted to be able to have really good and unique lyrics to go with it. Change of Season had no real message and it wasn’t a funny song. It was a lot of cool lines thrown together to make a tune. “Stress forced upon the body, makes the mind want to grow” “Death is that, which holds the candle, for the soul, in an eye”. A couple of lines from the song showed you that it was very different. Even the format of the song, how lyrics flowed from riff to riff, and everything else, was very, VERY different. In fact, this was the only song we had that had a guitar solo.

Try was based on a song Cheez wrote called “Who’s to blame?”. A very political song about the war in the world, violence, and all of that heavy stuff. Intended to be an accoustic tune, this song had a great message but never went anywhere. I think the reason was mostly that it was not a song meant to be played by the entire band and I really couldn’t sing the song in the way I wanted to, so it just died there.

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