Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under was a project started in 1992 which was designed to promote local bands by putting them together on a compilation cassette that people could buy and hear. The money made from the tapes, would pay for it’s production, as well as fund the next compilation.

There were four volumes of this series. Each new compilation would add more bands from a larger geographical area. With bands from all over the world, the compilations served as a great means to show off bands from many styles of music. By the time the SFU project was done, there was actually a demand in local stores for the latest version. Below is a summary of each compilation.

Six Feet Under I
The first, and probably the best, compilation we released. It featured Adrenalin, Tormented, NFA, The Monoxides, and Eric’s Trip. Having a previously unreleased Eric’s Trip track on this compilation was a big deal for us. It still is. The version of “Float” on this cassette was never released anywhere else.

Six Feet Under II
The second release of SFU was the first to include a band from overseas. I had begun to receive cassettes & CD’s from bands from all over the world. Although the cover sucked, the bands on this cassette were pretty decent.

Six Feet Under III
This compilation was lacking in local bands. There was a lot of international talent on this tape. Roach, Slightly Miffed, Thee Suddens, and The Astrozombies were some of the highlights. This was also the first compilation that featured a different kind of paper on our cassette sleeves and actually printed labels on the cassettes themselves.

Six Feet Under IV
The final compilation to be released contained more local bands this time. Gorbage, Mighty Trust Crusher, The Dustbunnies, Tormented, and Rounded Edges were just some of the bands on here. Although most of these will be long forgotten, it was a nice way to close out the series of these compilation tapes.

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